The damage from vandalism or graffiti can run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds. One of the simplest solutions is to invest in some anti graffiti window film that can be applied to all glass doors and windows. Whether your business has suffered from simple paint or marker pen graffiti or has been subject to gouging and scratching, the anti graffiti window film supplied by Spectrum Films can put an end to this problem.

We have been operating in the Derbyshire district for over 10 years and we have developed a range of window film products that will deal with all kinds of problems. The growing problem of vandalism had led our industry to develop better and more effective products that will deal with the tagging and etching that are suffered by many city centre businesses. Anti graffiti window film is easy to clean so marker pens and paint can be removed with simple basic cleaning materials. If there has been any etching or gouging the window film can be simply removed and replaced. The film is attached using a quick release adhesive that has been designed to be strong when in place but simple to remove.

Fitting Anti Graffiti Window Film In Derbyshire

At Spectrum Films we have many years of experience in supplying and fitting anti graffiti window film. The latest designs are effective and will not detract from the appearance of your business premises. A multi layer window film that has been specifically designed to prevent vandalism and graffiti is very cost effective. Replacing even a small window in business premises can cost many hundreds of pounds but replacing the window film is cheap and helps to prevent permanent damage to glass.

In addition to helping stop graffiti from damaging the reputation of a business, anti graffiti window film has the added benefits of stopping glare and will provide privacy for staff who are working in the front office. The product can stop fading by reducing UV rays and provides considerable energy saving thereby cutting down on expensive heating bills.

The many benefits of installing anti graffiti window film are on our website at And, you can get expert advice from our customer service advisors by ringing 07737 158 462 or 01246 280 546. There is also an email address or contact us using the form on the website.