Blast mitigation window film is also known as anti-shatter film. If there is a blast due to a gas explosion or a bomb, fragments of glass can cause multiple injuries over a wide area. The blast mitigation window film that Spectrum Films supplies and fits can help to prevent members of the public, customers and staff from suffering minor or serious injuries. Natural disasters like earth tremors or even vibrations from heavy vehicles have been known to be the cause of glassing shattering. We offer a comprehensive range of products including blast mitigation window film from our Derbyshire business.

All window film products have an extensive range of benefits and one of the most important is the way that the film coating binds the glass together if there is an impact on the window. The glass will fracture but will not shatter into multiple pieces that are extremely dangerous. Broken glass that is held together with window film can be simply pushed outwards and then replaced. It will not fall inside the room. In addition, the blast mitigation window glass that we supply will not detract from the appearance of your business. Window film is available in a number of tints and colours and can be supplied with any design or logo that you choose.

Make Significant Savings On Window Film

As a reputable business that has been supplying and installing window film products for many years, we at Spectrum Films are aware of the many costs that businesses have that can eat into profits. Window film has proven results and can prevent the necessity for replacing large expensive glass windows and doors. Not only does the installation of window film prevent graffiti and vandalism, it can also mitigate the possibility of theft and impact damage from any source. You can save energy as window film products can be installed that absorb heat creating a more comfortable environment for anyone who works in the building. We offer the most competitive prices in the area.

There is also the matter of privacy which can be protected by installing window film in front offices. This allows staff to look outside but does not allow passers-by to gaze inside at those who are working. Whether you need simple anti vandal window film or the more robust blast mitigation window film, we can supply your needs. Just call 01246 280 546 or 07737 158 462 and ask one of our friendly customer service advisors how window film can help to protect your premises.