What is Anti Vandal Window Film?

Many businesses suffer from vandalism especially those located in deserted areas of city centres. One of the most economical and simple ways to help prevent your premises from damage is by installing anti vandal window film. At Window Film Derbyshire we supply a variety of products which can help your business to be protected from vandals. We can install anti vandal window film that comes complete with graphics or a visual design of your choosing. The coating that we supply is easy to clean and is scratch resistant. Marks is easily removed using a basic cleaner and the film is also installed with quick release adhesive so that if you want to update or remove the film completely it is easy to do so.

Vandalism does not just consist of damage to windows but can include graffiti that will give any business a negative image. The graffiti makes premises look unprofessional and unloved so it is essential that it be removed as quickly as possible. The latest anti vandal window film products in Derbyshire have been developed to minimise the impact of graffiti. The properties of the film make it simple to clean and if there has been any gouging or other damage, the film can be simply replaced. This is an cost effective way to prevent damage to the actual glass that may cost many hundreds of pounds to replace. Anti vandal window film can be fitted to both single and double glazed windows and doors.

Anti Vandal Window Film From Spectrum Window Films

Our business is supplying and fitting all kids of window film and at Window Film Derbyshire we are proud of our expansion as one of the companies in the industry. For over 10 years we have been supplying top quality window film products to businesses in and around Derbyshire. Both clear and tinted products are supplied and we offer out expertise to help you get the right product at the right price. Offices and businesses that are fitted with anti vandal window film are more comfortable and will give staff a feeling of security and privacy. You can also make savings on energy costs and by incorporating graphics in the window film you can achieve free advertising. We offer a bespoke service so you can have a free choice of any design or logo you wish.

Don’t let your business become subject to vandalism or damage from graffiti or scratching. Contact Spectrum Window Film on 01246 280 546 or fill out out contact form.