Spectrum Films has been operating throughout the county for over 10 years and we have a wide range of window film products from which to choose. The correct use of window film can help to reduce heat or to keep it in, prevents strong glare from sunlight from damaging skin and eyes and helps to stop injury from broken glass. Window film keeps the shattered glass in place until it can be replaced and it is simple to push the glass outwards instead of it falling into the room. Reducing expensive energy consumption is another benefit that you will get should you choose digitally printed window film. This special film is not just decorative but can be used to add an eye catching display of your services and products. The window film is printed in full colour with words and images that you have designed or you can simply choose a pre-planned sign that will deliver excellent advertising and add an element of privacy to your offices or showrooms.

Digitally printed window film in Derbyshire is available at Spectrum Films. We offer a bespoke service and can give you advice about the different formats and colours. Before choosing a digitally printed window film why not allow us to bring to life your own special images that reflect the nature of your company. Using high quality inks and the latest state of the art technology, Spectrum Films will be the company that provides the perfect window film product that you need.

Delivering Glass Security And Safety

At Spectrum Films we are proud of our products which will not only improve the appearance of your business but will also deliver a higher level of security and safety for everyone. Providing privacy and helping to prevent damage from graffiti, digitally printed window film supplied by the experts from our company can also deliver energy saving and reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.

You no longer have to suffer from overheating when the sunlight shines in the summer. Digitally printed window film can be used to reflect away the rays and is safer for eyes and skin which can be damaged by UV rays. The many benefits of digitally printed window film are shown on our website at www.spectrumwindowfilms.co.uk. We also have helpful advisors who will be happy to answer any of your questions about the various kinds of window films we supply. Ring today on 01246 280 546 or 07737 158 462. Alternatively, send a message using the contact form and we will send an immediate response to your query.