Energy control window film has many benefits for businesses. Not only is it decorative and easy to clean but it reduces heat during the summer months by repelling the rays from sunlight and prevents heat loss during the winter months by the special coating that is applied. This means less costs for air conditioning in the summer and a lowering of heating costs during the winter. The special coating allows full visibility with no loss of light making offices and showrooms a more comfortable working environment for all staff and customers.

Spectrum Films is a family run business that specialises in the supply and installation of all kinds of products including energy control window film. The energy saving properties of the window film can cut costs on heating bills and reduce the impact of UV rays which can fade furnishings and cause damage eyes and skin. There is a wide selection of different grades of window film and we can help you to choose the best one for your needs. Colour film is readily available so you can choose a shade to fit in with the decor of the room.

Fitting energy saving window film in Derbyshire is easily achieved through Spectrum Films, the local specialist company. You can choose from highly reflective film or a non reflective type or a combination of both. When energy control window film has been fitted there is no need for curtains or blinds and you can have graphics or images added to the film that will promote your business and make rooms more private.

Inexpensive Window Film

Installing energy control window film is a simple project. It is very cost effective and can save hundreds of pounds on heating costs. It only takes a day to fit and there will be minimum disruption to business. In addition, when window film is fitted it prevents glass from shattering on impact and a graffiti proof type of film is also available.

Look on the website for more details about the many benefits of window film. Or, ring one of our customer service advisors for information and advice. The numbers to call are 01246 280 546 (land line) and 07737 158 462 (mobile). You can also email your enquiry to