Privacy glass in an office


Whilst having large glass windows can make an office look good, it also means that any passerby can gaze into the office and see what your employees are doing. This can be disconcerting but there is a simple way to keep your office looking welcoming but secure from prying eyes. Installing privacy window film is a simple but effective way of enhancing the appearance of a modern office whilst keeping business secure. Window film can be installed that allows the occupants of the room to see out but stops passers by from looking in. Privacy window film from Spectrum Films is available as a bespoke product so you can choose the type of graphics or images that are used. You can even include your company logo. We only supply the best quality products and every job is treated with equal care and attention.

Making a single room or a whole building more secure is just one of the benefits of using privacy window film. Additionally, the window film can be used to advertise your business using words or pictures. Window film helps to reduce heat if the reflective kind is chosen or you can pick non reflective window film which makes the room warmer. There is also the matter of a reduction in glare from sunlight and UV filters that are incorporated into the film will prevent damage to skin and eyes.

Professional Fitting Of Privacy Window Film In Derbyshire

Established for over 10 years, Spectrum Films is a leading participant in the window film industry. The company provides privacy window film installation that is fast and there will be little or no disruption to the working day. Fitting window film to large areas of glass will help to make the occupants of the room feel safer and will secure them from anyone passing by the window. Privacy window film is available from Spectrum Films at very competitive costs and we have an enviable reputation for the best quality work.

If you are interested in fitting privacy window film at your business ring and speak to a customer service advisor on either 01246 280 546 or 07737 158 462. We can help you to choose the best kind of window film that would benefit your company or you can just get sound advice for the future.