Residential Window Film

Privacy is very important and many people resort to window blinds or curtains to protect their homes from prying eyes. But, there is now another option. Residential window film is available from Spectrum Films and we offer a host of different kinds that will deliver decorative and colourful designs. You can choose from frosted or opaque finishes and all the products that we supply are top quality. The installation of window film is a simple process and will not cause major disruption. Your home can be transformed by the application of residential window film and there is the option of choosing one way film that allows you to see out but no one can see in.

In addition to the privacy aspect of window film, there is the added benefit of increasing the safety in your home. Window film that is fitted will hold together the glass should an accident occur. This means reducing the chances of injury from broken glass that could occur during a storm or if there is any incident of vandalism. Your home can be fitted with tinted or reflective residential window film and the many different designs mean you can find one to fit in with the decor.

Reduce Energy Costs With Residential Window Film

Residential window film in Derbyshire is easily available from Spectrum Films, a local business that has been supplying and installing window film products for many years. Window film will reduce heat in the summer and will also prevent heat loss in the winter. The reflective quality of the film helps to stop fading and prevents glare from strong sunlight. This is a simple but effective way to improve the appearance of your home and it costs thousands of pounds less than replacing windows.

Some of the most popular types of residential window film are colour, non reflective films that absorb the rays of the sun and reflective film that will prevent an excessive build up of heat. You can choose from designs that have graphics or choose from a variety of images. Additionally, many of our customers choose to have window film in bathrooms and there is a special product that prevents condensation from forming.

The benefits of residential window film in Derbyshire are there to be examined. Look at our website at and see how window film can be used to transform your home at very competitive costs. The number to ring for more information is 01246 280 546. There is also a mobile number 07737 158 462.