If glass is a dominant feature in your offices then you will need to have some safety window film applied to the windows or doors. At Spectrum Films we have been supplying and fitting safety window film in all kinds of premises for over a decade. Serving the county of Derbyshire and the surrounding areas, we are a family run business that offers top quality products and high standards of workmanship. Every window film product that we supply has been subjected to strict quality controls and we have available every type of safety window film that you could need.

In addition to providing benefits such as reduced fading of furnishings and protection from graffiti, safety window film in Derbyshire will prevent the possibility of anyone accidentally walking into the glass. Window film also helps to make your premises more private and secure as passers by are unable to peer into your private offices or showrooms. However, the people on the inside can see perfectly so there is no sensation of being excluded from all the daily activities that are continuing on the outside.

Security And Safety Window Film

As a safety feature, window film is very inexpensive to apply and it not only prevents accidental collision but can also prevent the glass from shattering and causing extensive injuries. The film holds the glass together and it can also help to stop invasion by burglars or vandals. You can make some major improvements to the health and safety of your staff by asking for a consultation and advice on the best type of safety window film that would be appropriate for your premises.

The consultation is free and we promise that installation will cause no inconvenience to you, your staff or your customers. There is a great deal of choice for safety window film including the extra thick adhesive type that will grip the glass. You can choose tinted or plain film and there are many other features such as colour film that can be chosen to fit in with the decor of the room. In addition, safety window film can help to absorb heat or the reflect heat and will help to make your business a more comfortable environment in which to work.

The many benefits of safety window film are clearly explained on our website www.spectrumwindowfilms.co.uk and you can ask for a no obligation quote for your premises by ringing either 01246 280 546 or 07737 158 462. Email enquiries are welcomed at info@spectrumwindowfilms.co.uk or use the contact form to send us details of your requirements.