Designed to withstand strong impact, as well as preventing accidental collision, security window film delivers the solution that is needed for your business to meet health and safety requirements. Decorative glass windows and doors will enhance business premises but could prove lethal if broken and the security window film supplied and fitted by Spectrum Films can reduce the possibility of serious damage to staff or customers.

All the products supplied by us can be fitted after any windows have been installed so there is no need to replace all your glass windows and doors. The products that we supply have all undergone strict quality control tests and there is a wide range of colours and designs available. Security window film in Derbyshire is designed to look good and will not complement the decor of your business. If an occasion occurs when the glass is broken you can be certain that the security window film will hold it all together and this helps to prevent any invasion of your property by vandals or thieves.

Shatterproof Security Window Film In Derbyshire

Security window film helps to protect you and your staff from attempted break ins by intruders or vandals. At Spectrum Films we place great emphasis on customer care and we promise to install your new window film with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Security window film is also a great deterrent against graffiti and there are plenty of designs available. You can add security window film in specific designs that can help to promote your business or choose a decorative design that will enhance the look of the premises. Both reflective and non reflective window film can be applied and these can be used to absorb heat or to repel the sunlight. Modern security window film will add to the look of your building and will allow those inside to see out without any loss of privacy.

At Spectrum Films we are proud of our range of products and our fitters will complete the installation work quickly and on schedule. You can find out more about how security window film can increase the safety of your staff and clients by calling 01246 280 546 (office) or the mobile number which is 07737 158 462. Our customer service staff will be pleased to help answer any questions you may have about security window film.